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Revved Up Energy Dip
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What is Revved Up Energy Dip?
Revved Up is Dip + Energy.  It is a Long Cut premium tobacco blend that provides hours of alertness and focus without the crash or jitters usually associated with energy drinks.  It contains a blend of B & C-Vitamins, Caffeine, Ginseng, and Taurine. There are no added sugars, and the tobacco blend used contains 65% less carcinogens than found in dark fire cured tobaccos.

 What flavors does Revved Up come in?

How is Revved Up Energy Dip different from other dips?
Revved Up energy dip is the only smokeless tobacco product that contains energy enhancing supplements.

What does Revved Up contain?
Revved Up energy dip contains premium smokeless tobacco, and a proprietary blend of Caffeine, Taurine, Ginseng and B & C vitamins that are formulated to function specifically when combined with smokeless tobacco.

Who should not use Revved Up?
Anyone under the age of 18, pregnant or nursing women, anyone with heart problems, or anyone that is sensitive to caffeine.  Consult your physician if you are currently taking any medications for respiratory, heart, or organ problems.

Who are Revved Up Energy Dip consumers?
Revved Up Energy dip is meant for the enjoyment of adult tobacco consumers who would like the added benefits of alertness, focus and increased levels of energy.

Service Members: Revved Up energy dip was designed by active duty Marines. Our military service members are expected to deliver their best under the most difficult circumstances.  Revved Up energy dip provides a discreet way to enhance their alertness and focus levels while on long convoys and posts, or in combat.

Civil servants- EMT’s, Firefighters, and Police Officers handle some of the most important jobs in our communities. These positions require increased awareness on the go.

Morning: Not a morning person? Revved Up energy dip will get you going and keep you going for hours.  Research shows that over 70 percent of us experience a “dip” in energy levels after lunch. Revved Up can help you increase alertness and productivity to combat this crash.

Workouts: Revved Up energy dip was developed for the needs of active and athletic smokeless tobacco users.  Experience more focused workouts, and higher energy levels when you need the extra push to bring it.

Sports: Revved Up energy dip is a convenient, discreet way to enjoy smokeless tobacco and achieve increased energy levels both on and off the field.  When the game is on the line get Revved Up!

Travel: Whether you’re driving a load cross country, or piloting the red eye, Revved Up energy dip is the most effective, discreet way to enjoy smokeless tobacco while getting the pick up that you need.

How many times a day can I use Revved Up Energy Dip?
We recommend that no one consume more than two cans of Revved Up energy dip per day. Check with your doctor before using Revved Up Energy Dip if….
-You have been advised by a physician to avoid caffeine or other stimulants
-You are taking any prescription medications
-If you are concerned at all about using Revved Up energy dip



Revved Up and Ready
An idea from two Marine Corporals has sparked a new direction for the smokeless tobacco category, and Southern Tobacco is guiding the way.
By Max Gartman; Smokeshop — DEC 2008

Headquartered in Statesboro, Ga., Southern Tobacco provides not only quality moist snuff, but also innovation, continuing to look forward in what has been the fastest-growing segment of the tobacco industry. Southern Tobacco’s most recent creative quest has been a partnership that combines quality moist snuff with the booming energy-enhanced products industry, thanks to two active military servicemen from the Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, S.C.: Corporals Matthew Doran and Steven Rundel.

Doran and Rundel were waiting in line at their local Marine Corps 7-day store, and saw a veritable line of fellow servicemen exiting the store with two items in their hands: a can of smokeless tobacco and an energy drink. Doran and Rundel turned to each other and cracked a joke about “energy dip,” as yet a non-existent product—and then realized: that’s what had to come next. Shortly after, the two marines contacted a lawyer, filed a patent, and made some calls to shop the idea around.

Before the [IPCPR] tradeshow, Matt [Doran] and I had contacted a few of the big players in smokeless tobacco,” said Rundel. “We had a good idea—never told them what it was—and they just swept us under the rug, didn’t want anything to do with us.” The two hung tight to their idea and after discussion, decided that attending the annual IPCPR trade show was the right thing to do. As it turns out, Rundel’s son was born shortly before the show and he wasn’t able to attend, but the partners were so intent on having a presence there that Doran went by himself to shop their idea around. “My mission was to find somebody out there to support it,” says Doran. Through a single connection, they made contact with Southern Tobacco, and as Rundel put it, “they stepped in and were all about it.” Revved Up, the first energy dip, moved into development.

“We’re not trying to capture a new tobacco user,” said Rundel, “we’re trying to give the guys who’re already dipping something new and better.” Adds Doran, “This is really for our fellow military members and the guys with the long, hard shifts: the firefighters, or for somebody who’s on patrol overseas. I want them walking around alert, not tired. The last thing you want is your EMT driver falling asleep because he’s tired at four in the morning.”

To make this never-before-seen product, Southern Tobacco sourced multiple energy supplement ingredients from outside, but did all the mixing and blending in-house. “That’s part of our jobs as the manufacturers of this product,” said Owens. “We have to make sure we can offer people this product with its extra benefit, the energy enhancing supplements, while delivering a flavor profile and a taste casing that they’re used to.
“That’s not always the easiest task in the world, but I think we have definitely created a product in which the flavor has not been affected in an adverse way, the delivery has not been affected in an adverse way, and the familiarity of the flavors is still there. It’s virtually the same flavors with the benefit of energy enhancing supplements.”

Doran and Rundel also contributed some of the packaging designs as well. “We made it with colored pencils,” laughed Doran. “The artwork on the can is almost, to a tee, the original artwork that Matt and I created,” said Rundel. “It was really awesome to see the first can…to see your full idea and hold it in your hand.”

As for Doran and Rundel, when their contracts with the military are finished in January 2010, could there be a future in smokeless tobacco? “We’d love to continue to help the success of Revved Up, definitely,” said Rundel.

“The whole idea behind the product was that we developed it for the military. We’re not really interested in branching out,” said Doran. “We’re focused on this, and this is our forte. The smokeless business is on the rise. It’s good timing.”

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